Web Stories in Brizy Cloud

Web Stories in Brizy Cloud

Web Stories have been added in Brizy Cloud. A great way to create visual narratives, product showcases, mobile landing pages, onboarding presentations, offers/promotions, guides, or anything that works great in steps.

Free Membership Functionality in Brizy WP

Free Membership Functionality in Brizy WP

Free Membership functionality has been added in the Brizy WordPress plugin. The membership options let you lock content on your website and display blocks based on user roles, and thus enable you to create membership websites. Excellent for a course website or limit access to certain parts of your content.

Brizy Cloud UPDATE

Blogging in Brizy Cloud

Today the Brizy Cloud CMS comes to life with the addition of the blogging functionality and dynamic content.

Brizy Summer Sale Discount

We have a 15% OFF discount offer for Brizy WordPress and Brizy Cloud Personal & Studio plans available for our users!

Brizy Cloud UPDATE

Custom Links, Redirects & Sitemap

New update for Brizy Cloud. This is a smaller update in terms of feature quantity, but a big one in terms of importance. A couple of long-awaited features have been added: custom links for the menus, a way to let you redirect old URLs to new ones and sitemap XML.

New Brizy UPDATE

New Brizy Elements, UI/UX Fixes, Improvements & More

A new update for the Brizy WordPress plugin has been released. New elements have been added, a lot of old ones have been improved, a couple of long-awaited UI and UX fixes have been introduced and over 600 issues in total have been dealt with (improvements & fixes), some more visible than others.

Brizy Cloud UPDATE

Global Popups, New Elements, External Popups & More

A new update in Brizy Cloud has been released. Lots of new things added, starting from global popups with automatic triggers & display conditions, a new external popup, new elements, improvements & more. A great day for Brizy Cloud, and an even better day for all Cloud users.

Last 1000 PRO Lifetime Licenses

Last 1000 PRO Lifetime Licenses!

Brizy has come a long way in the last 12 months, adding most of the features and functionalities originally planned and promised back in 2018. As we are gearing up to Brizy PRO 2.0 launch, the last batch of Lifetime licenses is released at $299. Once these are sold out, the price will double.

14 New Premium Landing Pages in Brizy Free & PRO

14 New Premium Landing Pages in Brizy Free & PRO

New design update for Brizy Free & PRO. 14 premium landing page designs have been added. This marks the start of the Free Brizy design commitment. The team plans to continue to expand this initiative and add designs in the Free version on every update.

Brizy popup builder image

The New Brizy Popup Builder

Starting today Brizy is not only the easiest and fastest way to create websites but the best way to create popups as well. The Brizy popup builder will let you create interactive popups that are beautiful, engaging and easy to set-up. You can design popups in any shape or form, with all the tools you know and love from Brizy.

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