The Brizy Community website is live!

Hello everybody. As the full Pro version release is approaching, I would like to present to you my latest website dedicated to this great community which you are viewing right now. I have created an online community support forum for Brizy including a few learning resources for you all. The forum is aimed to work in tandem with the Facebook community page. Here, you will be able to create your own topic, have people reply to it and allow other people to be able to search and find the information they need so they can get on with their work. As you may know, Facebook groups can get a bit messy after a while so the forum will definitely solve that problem! Of course, you can always use the Facebook group for any quick questions, etc., the forum will just provide a more streamlined experience. There are also online tutorials and a blog section where the latest Brizy news will be listed and you can also provide your own tutorials through a provided form.

I would like to ask you if you plan to use the forum to try and be descent and nice to each other, let’s have this community thrive and be an example for other communities! Finally, I would like to thank ThemeFuse, the creators of Brizy and particularly Dimi for donating the first year of hosting, thanks guys! I hope you will all get something out of it and support the effort any way you want.

Have a nice week!

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The site is an offering to the Brizy community and NOT an official Brizy support portal. If you find the website useful, please consider purchasing from the affiliate links or donating to keep the site running for a long time to come!