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      hey guys. So I went live today with my site (Astra Pro + Brizy Pro) and I have 2 forms on my Home Page and they are not working well.

      They do what they are supposed to do: They send the subscriber info to my Mailerlite account. The problem is usability:


      1. There is no indication to the user that their info is being sent. It can be just 2 seconds (in my tests, it can be up to 4), but the user doesn’t know what is going on. Anyway to put an alert or message while the form is being submitted?

      2. The worst part is after the info is submitted. A green alert is shown at the bottom of the form with a phrase I already deleted and replaced for a redirect. So the user submits the form, waits 1 to 4 seconds with nothing indicating what is going on, and after that they receive an alert they should not receive, and 1 to 3 seconds after that, they are redirected to my “Thank you for subscribing” page.

      Is there anyway to fix this? I really don’t want to pay for WPForms (for the MailerLite/Zapier integration) and I don’t like HappyForms.

      Please help!

      My website: You can find the form at the left of my “hero” image


      Thank you

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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