How to create and set up a contact form

Creating and setting up contact forms in the Brizy visual page builder for WordPress is a breeze. This is the easiest way to create contact forms visually directly on the page.

Brizy is a new and innovative way of building WordPress websites visually. No designer or developer skills required. The only tools you’ll need to master: click and drag.

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5 thoughts on “How to create and set up a contact form”

  1. How do I set up the contact form in Brizy cloud? I don’t mean styling because its the same. I mean how do I set the receiving email address? I’ve tried it without setting an incoming email address on the theory that knows who I am (because I have to login). But no luck.


  2. Hi guys, the way it currently works is that the leads are captured in your dashboard. So you need to click the three dots when you hover over your page at the top right of the page thumbnail and select “Leads”. You can select or export your leads from there.

    • I think your team needs to fix this ASAP. As much as I like the leading capturing feature (keep it!), when working for other clients this becomes a disaster. The message sent via the forms built on cloud should perform just as the wp one does, and have the option to set the email recipient… Clients, as well as us (main user) should have the ability to receive the message to our own email address and be able to reply.

      As it is now, I need to go into brizy, click three dots, export the leads, import the leads, find the contact…etc… or at “click the dots” step try to select/copy/paste the email address I want to reply to.

      Are you kidding?
      Please do something. I need the form to work with a designated email address.
      Thanks guys!

      • For any improvement requests to any Brizy version, I would suggest creating a thread on the Brizy GitHub page. This community is not officially endorsed by Brizy, I’ve created this community so users can help each other.

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