Let’s build Brizy L1-09 | Gradient & Multi Buttons [L1: Total Beginners]

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[L1—Level 1: Total Beginners] Building out on our foundation, we focus on how to apply a gradient overlay to a hero image, drag columns to the desired sizes, and place multiple buttons inline next to each other.
Level 1: Brizy Free + Suki Theme Free (see links below for more details and pro versions)

Explore Brizy: http://bit.ly/2zeffxA
Suki Theme used in these Tutorials: http://bit.ly/2HndRMp

Learn Other WordPress Builders:
Oxygen: http://bit.ly/2HAdpvM
Divi: http://bit.ly/2vJV4po

Websites 4 Beginners: https://www.websites4beginners.com

Images Used:

Other videos in this course:
01: Hero Image, Basic | Wedding https://youtu.be/l17cNBTmOL8
02: Hero Image, Full Height | Yoga https://youtu.be/0owVtmO0t4Y
03: Info Boxes | Yoga https://youtu.be/GcenPaVHTjE
04: Image Gallery | Abstract Photography https://youtu.be/Hc00HS3aVNQ
05: Rows & Columns | Images | Disable Views https://youtu.be/UlV4pwsHOnk
06: Contact Bar | Abstract Photography https://youtu.be/cckE2_iz-k8
07: Contact Form | Basic https://youtu.be/REByp8isE-w
08: Contact Form & Map https://youtu.be/4kx_qbyjNHM

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