What Brizy PRO Plan to Choose

By upgrading to Brizy PRO you will unlock all the functionality and premium designs the PRO has to offer. In this video we’ll walk you through the three Brizy PRO plans available right now on our website.

Depending if you are looking to get Brizy PRO for your personal use or for client work, we have you covered. Learn what’s the perfect Brizy PRO plan for you.


Brizy WordPress builder is a new and innovative way of building WordPress websites visually. No designer or developer skills required. The only tools you’ll need to master: click and drag.

Free Download on https://brizy.io/


Go PRO by unlocking all the functionalities and designs that the Brizy builder has to offer: https://www.brizy.io/brizy-pro-pricing/


Try out our new Brizy Cloud platform (independent of WordPress) https://www.brizy.io/cloud/
(unlimited access included with every brizy PRO purchase.)

2 thoughts on “What Brizy PRO Plan to Choose”

  1. Hello!

    I am really loving what I am seeing about Brizy!

    I will get the one-time payment unlimited version of Brizy for sure, but I am confused, what is the difference between:

    https://www.brizy.cloud/ vs. https://www.brizy.io/

    Each plan pages look the same, same pricing, both offer 2 years hosting on the $299 plan unlimited plan.

    Cannot figure out the difference.

    Which one do I get, do I need both? Does one also include the other?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Jeff. They are different products. Brizy Cloud is for creating landing pages outside of WordPress or if you want to create mock-up designs for your clients. Also you don’t need a Pro account to use Brizy Cloud’s limited free features, see here. In your case, if you are purchasing the lifetime plan, you will have access to custom domain functionality where you will be able to use your own domain to deploy your Brizy Cloud pages for two years. After that, if you want to be able to host your Brizy Cloud pages on your own domains you will need to subscribe to a payment of $49/year as explained here. You will be able to have access to the Cloud’s PRO functionalities (PRO elements, contact form, integrations, etc) if you choose not to pay the fee after the 2 free years. Only the Hosted Custom Domain feature will be restricted. There are also a few sync options that can help you publish your Brizy Cloud pages (Custom domain, subdomain, server sync, export HTML) which they are all free apart from the Custom domain one (of course, in your case, it will be free for two years)

      Hope it makes sense now!

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